Victorian Silver and Scottish Banded Agate Rectangular Brooch


Explore the exquisite charm of our Victorian Scottish silver brooch, a captivating accessory that seamlessly combines vintage elegance with Scottish heritage. Crafted with meticulous detail, this rectangular brooch features banded agate in rich, earthy tones, beautifully set within a sterling silver frame adorned with intricate Victorian-inspired motifs. Secured with a white metal pin and ‘c’ clasp.

A true testament to craftsmanship and history, this brooch reflects the timeless allure of the Victorian era while celebrating the unique beauty of Scottish design. The banded agate, with its natural variations, adds a touch of individuality to each piece.

Embrace the grace of a bygone era with this heirloom-quality brooch, an ideal accent to adorn your attire with sophistication and a nod to the rich cultural tapestry of Victorian Scotland.

Measurements: tbc

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