Welcome to my world of cherished antiquities and timeless treasures! I’m Jessica, and my heart beats for all things old, from exquisite antiques to the sleek lines of mid-century furniture and captivating collectibles.

As a dedicated curator of the past, I’ve embarked on a journey to share my passion with you. Join me in exploring the beauty, history, and stories that each vintage piece holds.

Whether you’re a fellow enthusiast or just discovering the allure of yesteryears, let’s embark on this nostalgic adventure together.

Here’s to celebrating the charm of bygone eras and the enduring allure of the vintage world!

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Situated in the heart of Cowes, Isle of Wight.  Come and visit my shop with all the treasures it harbours!  We have a wide range of stock to for varying tastes, you’re surely find something for you.

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